Tuesday, February 13, 2018

While Necklines Started Plummeting Outside of Religious Communities, Necklines Remained High Within Them

A Period Dress Up Event in 1957 on the front steps of what is now Stoody Memorial Hall.

Jack Small helps us identify these SLI folks: 
am intrigued by the new picture just posted from 1957.  The lady in the front row with the flower in her hair was Kitty Stackhouse, and her husband, Rev Willis Stackhouse I believe was in the left side back row.  They lived in the house directly south of Doug & Nancy Wilson's.  Kitty was a beloved figure in the institute, & quite a character.  She is the only person who would drive across the legal road but really a dirt path from their home across the back of our property and down another road on the map only beside our cottage,  It used to drive my father crazy (she was not a slow driver!).  The lady in the 2nd row with the white dress and dark vest was Ruth Booth.  Ruth lived with Walter Ward & his wife at Janes & Genesee.  She was the housekeeper but had some relationship to Mrs Ward, possibly sister or cousin.  She did a lot of secretarial work for the institute.  And in accordance with our conversation last week, I remember when my older son was little, I asked  Ruth if I could show him the playhouse.  She graciously got the keys and gave Jeff a tour.  She outlived both Wards, and lived there alone for a few years.  She too was a dear lady.  The lady next to her was Gladys Dailey.  Gladys was a soloist at Epworth for years, and was our next door neighbor for  years in that run down place that is right next to Chapman, but really back from Janes.  The elderly lady next to her looks familiar, but I can't put a name to her.  I have sent an email to Nancy Sellar for her interpretation of this.  The girl at the end of the first row - I wonder if it could possibly be Joanne Brocklehurst.  She is younger than me, & I was 18 in 1957.  Her mother, Edith was organist at Epworth, so it could be her.